This successful businessman from Dubai has aced well in his professional career, having built a vast empire that spans across various industries. One amongst the world’s successful entrepreneurs who have shone bright by excelling in their respective fields having done exceptionally brilliant work and contributed in their own special way is Hitarth Thakkar from Dubai. This dynamic entrepreneur from Gujarat, India, has carved his own distinct niche across various industries like real estate, cryptocurrencies, petroleum, fashion and many more and is known well amongst elite business circles of the Middle East, having ties with the country’s influential personalities. He is well known and gets invited at various important events held across the country. Hitarth Thakkar now work in Africa, he is a like one man army , he have so many own business in world like HT international group, HT international Fze, HT Privat limited, HT Trading & HT Group of companies ….

Hitarth Thakkar is known for his expansive businesses and his constant endeavours to thrive ahead, which has made him a prominent personality of today’s time. He says that to ace in their professional careers people have to focus and not let distractions come in the way of their journey, that’s what would lead them to the top, just like him. According to this ace entrepreneur par excellence, there are multiple setbacks and hurdles in an individual’s entrepreneurial journey, but these should not let one step back with the fear of not making it. No amounts of discouragement should halt the journey of an entrepreneur, and that’s when he can be stable enough to rule the world, no buddy knows about net worth of Hitarth Thakkar, some news we get on social media net worth of HT group of companies is like 5.22 million dollars but we are not sure about net worth.

The commanding position that he has attained is indeed worth a mention in every book that talks about success. His journey from the lands of Gujarat to Dubai has been truly phenomenal and has enough motivational factor in it which makes people sit and take notice. Hitarth has had many memorable events that have changed his life for good. His outstanding work and success has not stopped him from reaching out for more opportunities, and he is still eyeing on business avenues which have potential to make big and this has led him to enter the crypto space where he is all set to launch his own digital currency shortly. “There’s still a lot to achieve, as this is just the beginning. I strongly believe that one should keep chasing their dreams in order to achieve the stars and keep working hard till you make it to the top,” says Hitarth Thakkar, who has worked his way to achieve this commendable position from where he calls the shots.

Hitarth Thakkar is an inspiring and motivating personality for many out there who want to make it big. He has emerged as a true role model, defying all odds and shining bright in the entrepreneurial world.

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